The "Baby & Me" Visit

We at Bright Starr Pediatric Dentistry are so glad you decided to join us.

Early and regular visits are critical for your child’s well-being and set the stage for a lifetime of oral health.

The first visit introduces your child to our office and allows us to begin to develop a relationship with the new patient. This visit also affords us the opportunity to educate you on the health of your child’s teeth, including how to prevent cavities. We will also answer any and all questions you might have about your child’s dental condition and needs.

At the initial appointment we encourage parents to join their child and participate in their exam. This helps our team to teach the parents proper brushing and flossing techniques and to discuss any dental issues their child may have.

The "Baby & Me" Visit

The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children make their first visit to the dentist before their first birthday or six months after they get their first tooth.

Prevention and education are key to a lifetime of healthy smiles. You can make a “Baby and Me” appointment at our office for your child at the age of 1.

Dr. Thrower will perform a knee-to-knee examination to check your babies teeth for decay and proper tooth eruption.

Dr. Thrower and highly trained team member will discuss proper oral care, diet, and habits that can influence your child’s dental health and well being. This first visit is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions. It is also an opportunity to introduce your child to the dentist in a fun and warm environment. Establishing a dental home is also important in the case of a dental emergency as your child begins to walk and explore. We look forward to creating the best dental experience and dental home for your child.

Please Do Not Use The Following Wordss

  • Needle
  • Shot
  • Pull
  • Hurt

Typically a child will not think about these things when associated with a first visit to a pediatric dentist. Prepare them by reassuring them it will be a fun time where Dr. Thrower will count and brush their teeth.